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Privacy Policy

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Why Choose Us?

Our Letting Process:

Advertising the property for letting

Once instructed, advertising of the property is undertaken. We are subscribed to MyHome, Daft and associated websites. We also have working relationships with many of the city’s relocation agents. An advertising budget would be agreed at instruction stage. Internet advertising will be charged at €65 to include both My Home and Daft and other associated websites. From 1st January 2013, it will be a requirement to display the BER rating on every advertisement published for property for sale or rent. To this end, we would require the BER certificate prior to letting the property. We can arrange this at a charge if required. Written authorisation to proceed in the letting or management services is required from the landlord prior to any actions on our part commencing.

Letting sign

where allowed by the management company, a sign can be erected at the entrance of the development or at the property. There is no additional cost for the sign.


Viewings are then arranged and carried out with potential tenants. All viewings are carried out by the agent. Where the outgoing tenants are still in occupation in the property, the agent will liase with them regarding proposed viewings. At no time are people viewing allowed to enter the property without the agent present.


Thorough vetting of potential tenants is carried out prior to signing of the lease – references are required from current employers, previous landlords and current bank. In the absence of these, a guarantee would be sought.

Lease Agreements and Security Deposits

We will prepare the lease agreement for the new tenant. The lease agreement is signed by the tenants prior to occupation. Collection of security deposit and first month’s rent prior to occupation of the property. Keys are not handed over until both payments are received

Rent Collection

The standing order is set up for the monthly payment of rent. Where we manage the property, we will collect the rent and forward this on to the landlord. For properties that we do not manage, a standing order is set up between the tenants and the landlord for the second and subsequent months.


it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide an accurate inventory. However where this is not convenient, we will draw one up and include it in the lease. There would be a charge for this depending on the size of the property. Costs: €60 for a one bedroom apartment, €65 for two bedroom apartment, €85 for three bedroom apartment or house or unit that has multiple bathrooms and extra rooms, €100 for a house of 4+ bedrooms.

Regular Check-Ins

A full ‘check-in’ service is carried out with the tenants to include inventory check, taking of meter readings and run through of the lease agreement.

Transfer of Keys

Transfer of keys. If the property is being managed by Karen Burrows Estates, we will retain one full set of keys. Where block keys or gate fobs have to be arranged we will contact the relevant management company to arrange same but the cost of these will be borne by the landlord.

Transfer of Utility Account Details

Transfer of account details for Utilities such as electricity, gas and water supply. As a third party, it is not possible for the agent to arrange for the transfer of Telephone and UPC/Chorus/ Sky. The tenants are advised of this at the commencement of the lease Upon completion of this process, a statement of account will be sent to the landlord. The transfer of the balance will be sent by electronic transfer or by cheque.

Lettingt Fee

Letting Fee 3.5% of Annual or Term rent +VAT @ 23%