Management Services – Service Level Agreement

The Management service ensures that the tenancy is monitored throughout the duration of the lease agreement. With regular inspections and careful attention paid to the tenants and the property, any issues that arise are quickly resolved.

Where there are already tenants in place we would arrange to meet with the tenants and view the property. We would then ensure that all the necessary documentation was in place or put in place on the landlord’s behalf. A standing order would then be set up for the collection of rent.

The Management Service Includes:

  • Collection and monitoring of monthly rents – rents will be transferred to you within 24 hours of receiving them during the working week and where they are received on a weekend, they will be transferred on the next working day.
  • Prompt rent transfer to the client’s account less any disbursements for repairs in that period. A quarterly statement is sent detailing all income and expenditure for that period. This can then be used for information required for your tax return. All fees and expenses incurred in the letting, management and running of an investment property are tax deductible.
  • In cases where there is a default in the payment of rent, procedures for recovery of all arrears are implemented immediately in accordance with Residential Tenancies Act 2004
  • We carry out regular inspections of the property – the first of these will be carried out after the first month of occupation. At this point it will be determined how frequently inspections are carried out with a minimum of a further two in any 12 month period.
  • Where the property is already occupied at the time of instruction, a full inspection would be carried out initially. Regular inspections would then be carried out throughout the remainder of the tenancy
  • Quarterly Statements of account will be issued to the landlord detailing rental income and expenditure for that period. Emails can be sent confirming individual monthly transfers if required. Statements are generally sent by email unless otherwise instructed.


  • All maintenance and repairs required will be the organised through this agency on the landlord’s behalf.  Where repairs exceed one month’s rent, we will require the cost to be paid up front.
  • Any transfers of tenants during the term of the lease will be thoroughly checked and the lease amended accordingly. There is a flat fee of €90 for this and will be charged to the tenant in the case where they are breaking a fixed term lease.
  • Gas Servicing – Where gas appliances are installed in properties, an annual service of the boiler/ appliance will be arranged. This is in accordance with tenancy regulation and annual safety certificates are held on file for the owner. These generally happen in October/ November of each year. The cost varies depending on external charges but we have been able to negotiate excellent rates for the past number of years due to bulk.
  • Regular contact is maintained with the tenants to ensure that all aspects of the lease are adhered to
  • Annual Income and Expenditure Schedules can be prepared for tax returns on request at a charge of €40 per property.
  • Management Fee:  6% of Monthly Rental + VAT @ 23%